Your Momma (Deserves Nice Things!)

Your Momma (Deserves Nice Things!)

Gideon Eklund on Apr 27th 2021

Calling all vape shops! It's that fantastic time of year again; where we show how much we love and treasure our beloved mothers: Mother's Day. So, as is our heartfelt tradition, now's the time to figure out how to exploit momma for some sweet, sweet profits!

...Respectfully, of course. How can you profit off of people's dear, sweet mothers? By giving them amazing deals, obviously!

Here are a dozen suggestions for promotional ideas for you to use this upcoming Mother's Day:

1.) Put some "mother"-themed juices on sale! Mother's Milk, Pachamama, The Mamasan; get creative!

2.) Bundle items, like disposables, with a gift! (those guys who sound like us, but aren't,) are currently doing a promotion that bundles a super cute purse with disposables! Take a look, for a good idea of what they're doing.

3.) Give out flowers with every purchase! (You don't need to go crazy, a flower or two per sale would do.)

4.) Give your customers a special discount, if they come in with their mothers.

5.) On the flip side, give your customers a special discount if they bring in their (obviously 21 or older,) kids!

6.) Candy? Head to a dollar store, stock up, and bundle purchases with chocolate for mom!

7.) Make a guide of suggested products for mom, and mark that stuff down! Help your customers pick a device for their dear, sweet mommas.

8.) Free gift wrapping! It's not just for Christmas. Some people's kids are awful at wrapping gifts. Maybe take the edge off of that, by offering someone to do it for them!

9.) Throw in a Mother's Day card! Gifts need cards, right? So do moms. Pretty simple math.

10.) Promote Mother's Day on your social media! Invite the moms and (legally appropriate kids,) to come down to your shop using the tweets in your arsenal!

11.) Host a giveaway! Have your customers get a card to fill out with their mother's information with every purchase! Pick a winner to receive some big prizes!

12.) Get some social media influencers! Have them spread the word of your Mother's Day deals, and maybe even mention the things they're doing with THEIR moms for Mother's Day!

What we're saying is that, there are a ton of ways to increase profits while making your customers' mothers very happy this Mother's Day. Each of these ideas can be easily implemented, and in the current vape environment, you will have lots of increased foot traffic to really help you boost those numbers!

Happy Mother's Day, everyone! Cash in on it as much as you can, while spreading the love!