Lost Vape URSA Nano 2 Kit

Lost Vape URSA Nano 2 Kit

The URSA Nano 2 pod kit presents a unique and sophisticated design that seamlessly incorporates the dynamic back-lit panel. Enhanced by the cutting edge technology of Quest 2.0 chip, which delivers a 22w max power output. The ergonomic design is Bio-Fit Grip that ensures superior performance of comfort during usage. The URSA Nano 2 kit is a vape pod system that has seamless compatibility with URSA cartridges that promise an unparalleled flavor experience.

Striking Design Sets It Apart From

The laser effects of the pattern depend on the light and the angle from which you see it through

Dynamic Back-Lit Panel

Cheering for every moment

Bio-Fit Grip Offers Exceptional Comfort

Constructed from durable zinc-alloy, with added thickness on both sides

Full Ursa Cartridges Compatible

Bundled .6 and .8 URSA Cartridges, URSA Nano 2 matches most of nic salts and freebase.

More resistance options and a choice of cartridge colors.

Maximum Flavor Delight

Supports Max 22W Power Output

Authentic Flavor Deliver

Quest 2.0 Chip

Sep 15th 2023 lost vape wholesale

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