TPE 2020 Las Vegas

TPE 2020 Las Vegas

JP on Feb 5th 2020

Wednesday last week marked one of the biggest yearly events in vaping, the Tobacco Plus Expo! When this convention first started it was dominated by tobacco vendors, these days it seems like the Tobacco Plus Expo was really the CBD Plus Expo but there was still plenty to do and see. Most of the biggest names were in attendance on both sides of the aisle, from Seneca Cigarettes to Bugatti lighters, and from Dinner Lady to Candy King, not to mention SMOK, Vaporesso, GeekVape, and a few more manufacturers that you might be familiar with.

As far as the new products go there were a few interesting ones, mostly juice companies making CBD versions of their lines, but only one worth mentioning. The new Lemon flavor from Jam Monster! Yes, it seems like the master chemists in charge of the monster brand are back at it again, this new Lemon Jam Monster might just be my new favorite flavor for summertime here in beautiful sunny Las Vegas.

There was also a few interesting surprises there, like the RedWood stand where they had plenty of hemp and CBD based products including a pack of hemp cigarettes, much like what you see in gas stations. There was also a company called healing sacrament selling CBD weed that had a Jesus and Nun going around the show handing out samples and fliers, that was certainly interesting to see.

Plus I picked up a top tip for all you store owners! About 90% of the people who are exhibiting at TPE came from out of state with a whole slew of products for their booth and they really don’t want to worry about hauling them back home. So if you’re looking to pick up products for your store at extremely discounted prices I recommend stopping by the last day of the event and offering cash deals on anything you want. 9 times out of 10 you are going to get a fantastic deal and make some tired exhibitors verry happy that they don’t have to haul 100lbs or so of product back home with them.

Another top tip would be to bring drinks! Unless you like paying around $4 for a bottle of water I can’t overstate how important it is to make sure you bring plenty of water for all the walking around you’re going to do. There was this one booth on the tobacco side handing out beer, but I wouldn’t count on that as your main source of hydration if you have any business to take care of at the show. Don’t forget to check out the food trucks when you’re feeling peckish, Las Vegas has one of the most diverse culinary scenes in the entire world and the food trucks are ground zero for unique and tasty food.

We had a fantastic time meeting all of you who came to visit our booth along with Innevape and we hope to see even more of you next year!