The Storm Cloud With A Silver Lining

The Storm Cloud With A Silver Lining

Mar 5th 2021


As many of you are already aware, a congressional amendment changed the definition of cigarettes and tobacco products to include all vaping products, and stopped USPS from being allowed to ship them. This includes all e-liquids, hardware, accessories, mods, kits, and even non-nicotine juices.

…That makes total sense, right? (Maybe—if you completely ignore the fact that many of these things aren't exclusively tobacco products. Oh, and that the whole thing is completely stupid.)

With the attack on the online retail vape market well underway, this is a golden opportunity—or at least some long-awaited relief—for physical shops who have struggled over the past year, (and even the ones which haven't.) For a lot of online retailers, this loss of shipping providers is a big deal; and they are scrambling to fill the oncoming void with another parcel carrier to the best of their ability. While there are still private carriers out there who will be more than happy to have USPS, UPS, and FedEx's vape-shipping business, not every consumer will be in an area that can be easily reached by them.

This development is a surprising up-side for people still operating their physical shops: the number of online retailers who will be able to ship to their customers will be going down sharply soon, and customers will be driven from their web browsers, straight to the doors of the nearest local shops. After all; if consumers can't get their products conveniently by mail anymore, then the local vendors will undoubtedly see an increase in visits and sales.

The cost of shipping has increased too; in some cases, shipping costs are higher than the price of a single bottle of juice. Instead of paying inflated shipping fees, customers within driving range will make the trip to get what they need instead—juices, disposables, and the like—while the ones who will have to make a longer trip to get their products will most likely be stocking up on things to help what they have last longer; hardware, kits, replaceable parts, coils and pods.

Physical retailers will have the opportunity to really push those replacement parts, get those juices moving in bigger numbers per purchase, and take serious advantage of the fact that their customers are in need, and have less options to get their fixes than before. A windfall of customers and potential profits are on the way, and now is the time to prepare!

With that in mind, you can find kits here, and some of our best-selling juices here!

What's done is done as far as online vape shipping is concerned; we adapt or we die, but this isn't the end for any of us. As the times change, we must rise to meet new challenges, or to take advantage of new opportunities. Heads up high, vendors—this may be just the break you've all been waiting for!