Gumming Up Your Works!

Gumming Up Your Works!

Gideon Eklund on Jul 22nd 2021

We've all seen or experienced that moment, where someone strolls into their favorite bar, pub, restaurant, or children's pizza place, and thinks, "Boy, this seems like a good place to vape. Let the good times roll!!" But then some nosy employee clears their throat at them, and says, "Hey! You can't vape in here," and a 6'2" security guy (named Bubba,) physically throws them off the premises, where they land in the mud and are very sad for the rest of the day.

...It's a tale as old as time.

HOWEVER! It doesn't necessarily have to go down that way, if they plan ahead. Once that nosy employee barely has a chance to say, "Hey, you can't," the situation could already be resolved! How, you may ask? Two words: Nicotine. Gum.

Now, for a lot of people, they think nicotine gum is just some way to quit smoking; but it has other uses that commonly go overlooked by the average vape and smoke shop. What happens when you're in a place that doesn't allow vaping? Or if you really need that fix, but your battery has died?

Think about the movies, for example. Some folks have to sit there for two hours wondering when they'll get their next nicotine fix, or they cut out while the movie is playing, and miss out on something important to the plot.

...Hang on. Bruce Willis was a ghost THE WHOLE TIME?

But what if you provided them with another option? Instead of ducking out and missing out on who the heck Keyser Söze is, they can just pop a tasty piece of gum in their mouth, get what they need, and keep on watching the film uninterrupted.

This also applies to other situations, obviously. There are some workplaces with poor (or non-existent) smoking areas. Some folks need to perform a pseudo-Bataan death march to get to a designated smoking area, crowded with a bunch of other smokers.

You can take advantage of the convenience of nicotine gum with practically every purchase someone makes in your shop. When they set that new kit or juice down at your register, slap a fresh pack of gum on top and say, "Hey, since you can't use that device everywhere, how about a little something for emergencies, or to use in the workplace?"

"Couldn't help but notice that stethoscope, doctor..."

It's not just workplaces, either; a lot of places prefer gum to smoking and vaping. Libraries prefer gum to lighting up, for sure. School functions, restaurants, all sorts of places these days are not too keen on vaping. But why let that hurt your business, right?

Grab some nicotine gum and add it to your inventory. Add it to every sale that you can. Tell people to keep a spare pack in their glove compartment for emergencies, right next to the ol' road map and flashlight. The next time an unexpected nic fit comes on, and they're away from their vape device, they can pull that gum right out of their pocket, and be good to go.

Your customers are literally addicted to your product. They'll buy because biology demands that they buy. But, you can use that to your advantage, and offer something sweet to help them during those times when they simply aren't able to bust out their device, and suck down some sweet, sweet vapor. Plus, it's gum—the handiest tasty treat on the planet. There's a reason the grocery store keeps regular gum up by their registers, and there's no reason you can't do the same.

Imagine adding five or six bucks to every sale. That adds up. Boost up your sales, push the gum, talk about the benefits, and gum up your business, folks! The consumers are out there; they just may not realize it yet.