Freemax Maxus Solo 100w kit Preview

Freemax Maxus Solo 100w kit Preview

Reina Alonzo on Apr 28th 2022

With the slogan "Full Spectrum Vaping", the Freemax Maxus Solo 100W Kit is everything it has promised to be and so much more. From it's FM COILTECH5.0(DOUBLE MESH) technology to its sleek mood lighting design, and its multiple output modes, this Mod is what you want to have in your everyday life.

See It

Could it be its variety of colors"Cobalt Blue, Black, Sea Blue, Golden, Gunmetal, Red" or its novel mood lighting design that brings a combination of fashion, charm and a dazzling combination of lighting color effects or its 1.06in OLED screen? Yes to all of the above! The combination of the body color, the 9 different RGB colors choices, the OLED screen with 5 theme colors and the 3 options to light up "always on, breathing or flashing" is what makes this astonishing mod one of the most attractive to the eye devices. Let me also add that as easy at it can switch colors moods, it can also be turned off and on at your own will. How cool!

Taste It

The Maxus Solo isn't just attractive to the eye, but pleasing to the taste. But how does it work or what really makes it better than the rest of the kits? Well let me start with the facts, the Maxus Solo has the ultimate mesh coil technology (FM COILTECH5.0 DOUBLE-D MESH) that boosts the instant vaping experience by its 50 heating speed with its innovative parallel mesh structure and its new and upgraded Tea Fiber Cotton formula providing you with unparalleled clouds and raw flavors.

Protect It

All-round protection, all-round perfection! the Maxus Solo has a reverse battery protection, battery low protection, overheating protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, open circuit protection, overtime protection, over charged/discharged protection, overtime protection. and it is child resistant certified. On top of all the protection, the Maxus Solo has a slide lock and unlock switch to prevent accidental press.

Know It

If you know, you know and with the Maxus Solo Kit, you definitely know when you see it, taste it and are able to detach the parts to perform maintenance. but if these weren't convincing enough, the Maxus Solo can be powered by three different batteries. 20700, 21700, and 18650 giving you a broad option on not just output modes but also battery intakes. Allow me to add that on top of everything already mentioned, the Maxus Solo has a 5ml capacity and a resistance range of 0.1-3ohm's. Not disappointing at all!!