If you are interested in our wholesale vape drop ship program please see the FAQ Below before contacting us.

How do I get started?

- Setup an account here on www.eightcig.com - you will be added as a guest and will not be able to see prices yet.

What information do I include when setting up an account?

- It is necessary that you include your personal name as well as your business name, business address, contact phone number, and email

How do I place dropship orders?

- After your account is approved, you will receive orders from your website or selling channel, you then place orders on our website on behalf of your customers by including your name and address as the billing information, and your customer's name and address for the shipping information.
EXAMPLE - if your customer orders a tank and a mod, you order that exact same tank and mod from our website by using your customer's information as your shipping address, you pay for with your credit card and we will ship it out.

How much does drop shipping cost?

At the moment, we charge a fee of $6.50 for first class orders and $9.50 for priority orders. Use your judgement on the weight of the order; if shipping is underpaid, your order will not go out and we will have to contact you for additional payment costs which may slow fulfillment time.  

Does Eightcig company information get revealed to my customer?

- No we have taken the proper steps to ensure that the information reflected on packing slips and shipping label is generic and does not reflect Eightcig's company information.

How quickly does my customer's order get shipped?

- If your order is placed Monday thru Friday before 3PM, your order will be shipped same day. If placed Outside these hours or days, your order will be shipped to your customer the next business day.

What about returns?

- We accept returns from drop shippers for up to 60 days after date of purchase. Dropship customers are required to save all individual returns from their customers, then send one single batch to Eightcig to be processed every 60 days. Visit https://www.eightcig.com/shipping-returns/ to view our return policy in full and be careful about accepting returns from your customers. Become familiar with it because we cannot reimburse you for any products you return that do not meet the requirements laid out in our standard return policy. The entire policy still applies to drop shippers except for the 30 day return window extension. All returns are accepted by you the seller. We do not reimburse shipping costs for returned items. The only time Eightcig will reimburse shipping costs on returns is if Eightcig made a mistake with your order. 

 Are there any Special instructions?

- Yes your billing address name needs to match the name on your credit card. You must use this name every time you place an order. Your first and last name on your credit card is the information we use to categorize your order. If this is not done consistently, your order could get mis-routed or reflect eightcig's company information. Therefore this step is very important.

After I've done all this, what do I do next?

- Please email info@eightcig.com to reach the drop ship manager, to setup your information in our shipping platform and approve your account. Please do not call until you've read this FAQ thoroughly and have familiarized yourself with our return process.

Who Can I Contact for Drop Shipping Questions?

- Please contact (702)-666-1209 to reach the drop ship manager for additional questions or concerns.