Wizvapor Stoned Boy Alternative Vaporizer

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  • Wizvapor Stoned Boy Alternative Vaporizer
  • Wizvapor Stoned Boy Alternative Vaporizer
  • Wizvapor Stoned Boy Alternative Vaporizer


Wizvapor Stoned Boy Alternative Vaporizer

You're sure to get high scores with this alternative vape device that extracts every last puff of joy from flower, oil, or wax. It looks like a certain handheld game from your childhood, but playing with the Stoned Boy means you win every time.

Stoned Boy Wiz weeds out the competition with easy cleaning, superior taste, and a healthier dabbing experience than other popular devices.

It takes two 18650 batteries (4.2V; 30A 3000MA capacity recommended) to spark up your optimal vaping experience no matter whichever way you choose to treat your chronic condition. Start baking, vaping, or dabbing right away with the Stoned Boy Wiz control for fast and even heating.

With an intuitive display that looks just like a 16-bit adventure game, Stoned Boy Wiz will have you thinking armored turtles and mystery flowers even before you start seeing them from vaping!

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Features and Specifications:

  • Comprehensive 3D heating technology
  • Sealed vaping chamber with transparent door
  • Thumb-controlled air flow
  • Easy-clean no-spill modular filter
  • Large RGB display showing temperature, timing, and more
  • Uses 18650 batteries, not included (4.2V; 30A 3000MA capacity recommended) 
  • Takes just 10 seconds for 300°F and goes up to 600°F
  • Mesmerizing 8-color lights and 7 strobe modes

Package Includes:

1x Stoned Boy Wiz Device
1x User Manual

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